Synchronizing group rhythms

Hello All,
Increasingly, I am being invited by businesses to lead “rhythm-related” workshops. So I am wondering if rhythm-related activities can help businesses develop better collaboration and teamwork. Perhaps this theory is not so outlandish as it might seem. Have you experienced a business deal go very smoothly, because all of the people involved worked together well. How would you describe this “smoothly” functioning group? Perhaps you might say that the group “clicked” and was on the same “wavelength of thinking”? Isn’t thought, in a sense, a form of energy? And isn’t rhythm a form of energy (i.e., vibrational energy)?

Perhaps I overreach. Nevertheless, I do find it interesting that groups are asking to be introduced to Taketina, which allows participants to “synchronize” using rhythm. Imagine your business having the ability to “synchronize”, and how much more effective teamwork could be. You may find that you can carry the effect of the rhythm workshop into your everyday life. Interestingly, both of the rhythm activities that I lead, taiko and Taketina, also has, at its core, the synchronization of rhythms.

I often imagine if everyone did 5 minutes of some rhythm work, or some meditation, we would all feel less stressed!

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