Arts Matter: Taiko on a Float


The seven year journey of Rhythmix Cultural Works (RCW), a community cultural center located on Alameda island, can be told through this short video of RCW’s July 4th day parade float.  The float is about 50-feet long.  Notice that the gears rotate.  How many different world music traditions and styles can you see on the float?  Can you also see the colorfully attired bicyclists?  What other interesting things can you see in this very short video?  Can you also spot me?  RCW won first prize (best of float)!

In the seven years since opening its doors, RCW has brought economic vitality to local businesses, prompting a meeting with Alameda’s newly hired economic development director who sees the value in having the arts “at the table” when it comes to discussions on development.  So the theme of Rhythmix is that art happens with you!


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