Taketina logoDeveloped by Reinhard Flatischler, TaKeTiNa conveys rhythm the way people naturally grasp and learn it: by direct physical experience of fundamental rhythmic movement. The capacity for this is inborn; all infants come into the world with the sensory and motor skills that become the rhythmic foundation of all music. Fundamental rhythmic movement are the underlying matrix of an form of music.

In TaKeTiNa, your body is the instrument which creates rhythm. By vocalizing, stepping and clapping, you are guided in a way that allows you to reconnect with your innate body wisdom. The rhythms and movements provide a vehicle for an active meditation through which profound healing and self-discovery can occur.

Taketina TaKeTiNa is a unique “non-linear” process in which you are guided into alternately finding and losing your orientation, both actively and passively being in rhythm. In such a space, you can explore the fluctuation between confusion and clarity, chaos and order, the known and the unknown. You begin to sense shifts in time and space. Time seems to become “elastic”.

In Taketina, you have the ability to shift perception from “doing” to “allowing”. In understanding the difference between seeking to master the impossible task of controlling one’s environment, to the more fulfilling ability to “flow” with anything that happens in the one’s environment, Taketina is a process that can enable you to better cope with an increasingly complex world.

TaKeTiNa has been established in Europe for 40 years. It is part of the curriculum at music conservatories and is used therapeutically in hospitals, pain management clinics, mental health and drug rehabilitation programs. With the body is the instrument, the rhythm experience is intense and direct. TaKeTiNa is just as appropriate for musical laypersons as for professional musicians.

ENFsurdo300Ms. Fong has led TaKeTiNa workshops throughout the United States and Canada for diverse groups:

  • for small business and companies;
  • for physical education instructors;
  • for chaplains at a hospital;
  • at conferences such as the North American Taiko conference, Mensa, Science and Non-Duality (SaND)
  • at festivals such as the Eastern Massachusetts Rhythm Festival, Rhythm Rave.

In the realm of music, TaKeTiNa can help you to:

  • stay in the „groove“ and „flow“
  • develop profound rhythmic orientation
  • get to know universal rhythmic building blocks.
  • develop improvisatory and compositional abilities
  • increase your competence on drums and percussion instruments.

In daily life, TaKeTiNa can help you to:

  • enter a state of deep relaxation
  • develop presence and a state of inner silence
  • stay focused for exceptionally long periods
  • deal creatively and effectively with chaotic phases
  • lessen your anxiety about mistakes and thus, help you make fewer mistakes
  • perceive several things simultaneously.

Taketina founder Reinhard Flatischler talks briefly about the value of Taketina in everyday life

For management and corporate clients

TaKeTiNa empowers thinking and perception. The ability to create synchronous layers of rhythms in your body develops the capacity for simultaneous perception. The ability to perceive receive and perceive more external stimulus, in turn accelerates the absorption and assimilation of information. TaKeTiNa helps to keep a clear head even in chaotic situations and makes it easy to oversee several projects in parallel. TaKeTiNa may help you and your employees or co-workers to:

  • Manage chaotic phases creatively and efficiently
  • Act flexibly and connectedly
  • Reduce and lose the fear of making mistakes
  • Prevent burn-out even during high-stress periods

TaKeTiNa is a unique group process that facilitates a healthy and success-enhancing work rhythm and increases creativity, intuition and mental and physical vigor. As stress is dissipated, thought becomes clearer and quieter and leaves more room for original vision.

*Please note: Because the TaKeTiNa process is based on deep and multifaceted experience, it can only be led by trained TaKeTiNa teachers. TaKeTiNa is a worldwide registered trademark.

You can use the TaKeTiNa book “Rhythm for Evolution” by TaKeTiNa founder Reinhard Flatischler to get to know the TaKeTiNa process.