taiko drummerPause for a moment and listen…

Our lives are filled with rhythm. However, all too often, we are pulled “out of rhythm” by our daily to-do lists, current events, and family obligations. The responsibilities we “perceive” ourselves to have makes us easily lost in confusion and tempted to control the uncontrollable.

Can you imagine hearing intense rhythm 24/7, day in, and day out? Everyone has experienced this for the first nine months of our lives, listening to our mother’s heartbeat. Yet all too often we forget and we often say that we have no rhythm.

All human beings are born in rhythm. Rhythms in Life hopes to explore ways to help us reconnect to our innate knowledge of the healing power of primal rhythmic movements and sounds.

When you have experienced being “in the zone” or happy, can you recall how you felt? Perhaps you felt effective, exhilarated, confident and on top of the world. Perhaps in that moment, you felt that “it” flowed and time stood still.

How can you experience this more and more in your life?

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